RETOSA Forms Strategic Partnerships in The United States of America and United Kingdom Tourism Industries

RETOSA has collaborated with major tourism promotion Associations in Europe and America in an effort to promote Southern Africa to the European and American market.




SATOA is a leading professional non-profit travel and tourism association which is managed by a committee in the UK on behalf of its members. It promotes travel to Africa and the Indian Ocean while providing its members with a platform from which to promote their products, network and create new business opportunities. Members include hotels, game reserves, lodges, tour operators, ground handlers, car hire companies, tourism boards, airlines and representation companies, amongst others. RETOSA has partnered with this prestigious association to market, promote and increase awareness particularly of its member states and southern Africa as a whole. To learn more about SATOA click here .


 In addition to RETOSA and SATOA, RETOSA has also entered into collaboration with the Association for Promotion of Tourism to Africa (APTA) which serves as a platform for buyers and sellers in the American travel and hospitality industry to meet, mingle, and grow their mutual interests. APTA promotes tourism to Africa through educational, networking and marketing opportunities in the travel trade in Africa and North America. The two institutions have agreed to come up with innovative approaches to increase the number of travellers in the USA to the southern African region. To learn more about APTA click here .

Another progressive opportunity being pursued by RETOSA is its partnership with the Africa Travel Association (ATA) which is a division of the Corporate Council on Africa (CCA). ATA/CCA works to promote the region in the US market. It works with Africa and will also help citizens of the region to understand how they can use tourism for economic growth and job creation through innovative business models, new technologies and strategic partnerships. CCA, through its investment platform programmes and activities will support RETOSA to promote tourism investment opportunities across Southern Africa. To learn more about ATA click here .


Become a certified expert

RETOSA launched a Southern Africa Certified Expert Online Course for travel agents, tour operators and the global tourism industry. The programme aims to offer an opportunity for all stakeholders to learn more about southern Africa's best tourist offerings, while promoting intra-regional travel. The course seeks to boost travel agents and tour operators' knowledge about the tourism attractions in the region while building a database of travel trade interested in selling southern Africa as a multi-faceted destination.

In an effort to promote this programme, RETOSA has entered into a working collaboration with South African Airways (SAA) in the United States. SAA will feature the programme in its newsletter and other avenues to grow the number of registered agents. It is anticipated that in the future, both RETOSA and SAA will run competitions with prizes including accommodation and flights with effect from January 2017 for certified experts. The objective is to allow certified experts to visit Southern Africa and experience the region’s offerings so as to make it easier for them to promote these experiences. To register and enrol to become a certified expert you can go to .

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