RETOSA Revamps Website to make it more user-friendly

The increasing competitiveness in the global tourism market encourages tourism operators to invest more in promotion, resources, knowledge and quality in order to achieve satisfactory growth. It is therefore very important for them to be in touch with the latest technological trends and have the knowledge required to effectively respond to the challenges of global competition. The Internet is one technology that offers quality and efficient information to tourism operators and travellers about the places they want to visit.

With this in mind, RETOSA felt that its website needed to be refreshed in order to be more relevant and provide travellers with more and better information about everything the region has to offer. It is vital that RETOSA, as the leading player in marketing the southern Africa region as a multi-faceted tourism destination, has an up-to-date website that is both user friendly and contains all the information a visitor may need.

The revamped website will allow RETOSA to increase the number of visitors to the region by improving the individual’s understanding of the region during the tourist pre-purchase/information research process. It will also help to enhance and complement the online marketing platforms for member states/RETOSA as there will be links that direct the user to a certain country as well as all RETOSA’s news. The new website will also be an interactive and responsive website with microsites in French and Portuguese and will offer comprehensive tourist and research information about the various southern African destinations, their attractions, advanced knowledge about the visitor experiences and the socio-economic status of each member state. This platform should enhance the overall image of southern Africa and the work that RETOSA does (visitor information and RETOSA business).

Rather than searching 15 countries’ websites individually for information, the new website will allow a visitor to search for the RETOSA website where they can find links that direct them straight to a particular country. The organisation understands that it is very important to select the right social media platform, design the right message and engage the right users to spread the message. The revamping of the interactive website will also let users go straight to other popular social media platforms such as twitter, Facebook and the like.

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